A 60/40 sativa dominant cross " Lemon OG " with "Gorilla Haze, known for its inspiring euphoric high and incredibly fruity lemon citrus smell and flavor.
The ideal for any daytime outings. The Lemonade high instantly lifts the spirits gives off a happy euphoric headspace. Known to be motivating while also relieving anxiety, stress, and muscle tension.







Blueberry Crunch

"Sundae Driver" crossed with "OG Kush" the Blueberry Crunch is known for its smooth smoke and euphoric high. This hybrid strain is ideal for a more relaxing experience, making a great choice to unwind well into the evening.











Purple Zkittles

"OZK" crossed with"Candyland" the Purple Zkittles has the perfect balanced flavors of sweet candy making a special treat for any cannabis connoisseur. Great for deep mind/body relaxation, pain/stress relief, and insomnia.