Balanced is a culture-focused cannabis lifestyle brand. We take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, we create it. Our work is a huge part of our lives and the creative spirit is something Balanced strives to nurture and inspire.

When one of us is Balanced it will motivate all of us to be Balanced.

Each of our Premium Indoor Flower Eighths Jars are color-coordinated according to strain type we have, Pure White for Sativa, Frosted for Hybrid, and Midnight Black for Indica.

Our Eighths are hand-selected high quality strains packed with a great terpene profile and even better genetics.

We only use the best if the best, not only to build a cultural cannabis experience, but to give our consumers what they deserve.

Balanced has something for everyone from a Cannabis Connoisseur to a Cannabis Novice.

We have a strain for everyone so you'll never feel left out or forgotten.